Where Is NetMeeting in Windows 7?

You‘ve just installed a new Windows 7 operating system in your computer. Windows 7 is indeed an excellent OS and almost certainly you‘re enjoying many of their features. Sooner or later you choose to talk about a PowerPoint presentation along with you colleague. You type “conf” inside the Run menu to fireside up a very good old NetMeeting. You hit Enter anticipating a brand new and improved interface and… Nothing happens. Wait, is my Windows installation broken or did they rename the software again?

Where is NetMeeting?

Let us cause it to be clear right coming from the beginning – there isn‘t any NetMeeting in Windows 7. Microsoft removed it from their latest OS. Why? They‘re pushing companies to deploy fully-featured unified communication solutions for example Microsoft Lync. But what is it with those of people that are not ready or just simply doing not need the complexity of that solution? All Isn‘t lost and usually there are some possibilities.

Do you know the alternatives?

Let us have a quick look into some tools that may be considered a NetMeeting replacement for Windows 7.

Microsoft official solutions

NetMeeting in XP Mode – essentially you run a Windows XP virtual machine in your Windows 7 OS.


Free (in Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate).

You will get full functionality of NetMeeting.


Only available in Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate.

Heavy – running a separate OS only for one application seems like overkill to me.

Requires non trivial installation and configuration – could be an issue for end users.

Microsoft Shared View – can‘t be considered a direct replacement for NetMeeting because it does not let you connect to a different machine’s IP directly. That‘s, it is not employing a peer-to-peer (P2P) connection.


Microsoft’s official alternative for Windows 7.


Improved functionality.


Works over Internet and hence requires Internet connection.

Less secure – your data leaves your private network.

Slow on local network since it is not P2P anymore.

Requires Windows Live ID creation.

Limited to 15 participants.

Requires installation.

3rd party solutions

Tools like WebEx, Log Mein, etc. are readily offered by numerous vendors. Functionally-wise they‘re even farther from NetMeeting than Microsoft Shared View and can also be described by most users as an excessive amount. The only real situation during which I might recommend using this type of tool for NetMeeting replacement happens when your business has already implemented it and pays for it.


Rich functionality.

Your business may need them already deployed.



Most the strategies are web-based.

Usually complex user interface – functionally overloaded.

Require Internet connection and ID creation.

Not P2P and sometimes slow.