Video conferencing is really a new device of communication of recent times

Video conferencing is really a new device of communication of recent times. This process of communication is usually employed for holding meetings and discussions. This device of communication is mostly used once it is difficult to rearrange a lot expensive meeting or when long distance travel is involved. Conferencing is virtual meeting where persons can see, hear and speaking with people in several locations worldwide without having the expense of travel. Conferencing may take many forms, for example: video conferencing, audio-conferencing, multimedia conferencing, screen sharing etc. Conferencing programs such like the popular CU-See Me allow work groups to utilize the internet to discover each other’s faces in small windows upon the monitor to listen to voices through computer speakers. The despot video and can also be simultaneously be applied. This device of communication is widely utilized by offices having different branches situated in several places and foreign countries. For spreading distance education system, video conferencing is likewise used. The training is imparted in one place and it‘s telecast in several study centers. The participants or students can ask questions towards the teacher and satisfy their queries through video conferencing. At that time of election, budget etc. video conferencing also happens. It enables people, within homeland and abroad, to continue face to face discussion remaining in several places around the globe.

Video conferencing is probably the most exciting regions of development in telecommunications, with application starting from business to government to education to home and family. Video conferencing involves sending video signals along with telephone and computer data signals. Video conferencing requires special hardware and digital telephone lines. Digital camera makes conferencing pictures.

It‘s enormous potential for enhancing communication for small and medium size organizations along with learning online.

Two kinds of video conferencing equipment exits and those them are-Room systems and Desktop systems. Room system are permanently found out inside a dedicated room designed with phone lines, high speed data networks, video cameras and a big video screen that shows the participants inside the other location or locations. Desktop systems are a smaller amount sophisticated versions during which individual computers are designed with video conferencing software and web camera.

In both cases, the quality from the video sound transmission depends upon the quality from the network. Video and sound sent over a higher speed data network are far superior to transmission via telephone lines and modems.

All concerned parties in video conferencing can internal with personal touch because facial expression or body movements are visible through picture and sound.

Video conferencing enables face to face communication therefore physical movement Isn‘t required to go to any meeting in abroad. Consequently time money and other resources could be saved.

For multinational companies, video conferencing is an efficient approach to communication. It connects head office with local branches and provides an array of instant communication.

Managers of multinational companies can manage business at different location around the globe. They could avoid long distance travel and can also control sitting with their own office.