Do’s And Don’ts In A Web Conference

Web conferencing is very advantageous. But beware, just like attending meetings and presentations in a round table or in a conference room, there are certain things you need to do, particular etiquettes you need to practice and habits you have to avoid.
Plan Ahead
Prepare you presentation beforehand. Send the necessary materials through email or put them live online so that the attendees will be able to read them before the scheduled meeting and presentation.
Be Punctual
In normal meetings being on time is very important. Web conference is no different. Common sense will tell you that since you don’t have to travel to go to the location of the meeting, there is no excuse for being late. It is also impolite to let others wait especially if you are the one who will give the presentation. Besides, all you have to do is to find an available internet connection to be at the meeting.
Find a Good Location
Normal meetings are held on places where there is privacy and little or no destructions. This should also be the case for attendees of a web conference; more so if it is video and audio conference. Go to an office or a room where there are no movements (for video conference) and no noise (for audio conference) on the background. Movements and noise are very destructive; avoid them all the time.
Be respectful
The manner of speaking and gestures are always subject for interpretation in any meeting. In a web conference where you are not actually inside on room, speaking and gestures may be subjected to misinterpretations; so be careful. Take note: a web conference is just regular meeting held online. All rules and etiquettes of ordinary meetings still apply.
Avoid too much movement   You are on TV (sort of) and too much movement is very distracting for others. Moreover, other attendees might be using a low bandwidth connection so try to hold still.
Avoid doing other things whenever you are in a web conference like eating, drinking and using your cellphone. Avoid typing, scanning papers, looking for things inside the drawer and talking to other people. Again, all rules and etiquettes of ordinary meetings still apply in a web conference.
If you are transmitting good audio, background noise can be heard on other lines.
Avoid using wifi signal Wifi is good if you are out and you need emergency internet signal. But during a web conference meeting, try to steer away from it. Wifi can be very unstable that can disrupt the meeting. Avoid wifi signals at the airport, restaurant, park and even in coffee shops.
Avoid putting attendees on hold If you are in a meeting, make sure that your attention is completely there. Putting attendees on hold is rude. It interrupts the flow of the meeting and wastes the time of the participants. If in case you need to do something extremely important, excuse yourself instead of putting them on hold. Go back or reschedule the meeting if you are ready.
Keep in mind that there are other matters that are best discussed in person. If time and economics permit, try to hold meetings in person but if not, web conferencing is a great tool and the best tool to get your message across.