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You Can Get a Great Tan While Avoiding UV Damage

Each year, millions of people spend billions of dollars in the effort of getting a great, if not perfect, tan. Of course, the oldest method of achieving this would be to simply apply some tanning lotion and sit in the sun for hours and hours until you get the results you want. However, because many people have ended up with serious health issues, including skin cancer, by tanning in the sun, many people have turned to various sunless tanning methods, ranging from tanning salons to home spray tan machines, to digestible tanning pills. Many people have even begun using certain tanning solutions that you must inject beneath your skin.

Again, the primary reason why so many different sunless tanning methods were developed and are in use is because of the great harm that UV rays from the sun has caused so many people. Though someone could develop skin cancer from a number of factors, the most common cause of this illness is prolonged exposure to the sun. Essentially, these sunless tanning methods allow someone to get a great and beautiful tan, but without the potentially life-threatening damage that the sun could cause. Of course, this also depends on the sunless tanning methods themselves being safe for someone to use without any adverse effects.

Besides avoiding damage from the sun, many people have also turned to sunless tanning methods because the majority of them can produce results much faster than traditional sun tanning. While both home and salon tanning beds do essentially use the same process as the sun, these methods do yield tanned skin more quickly and safely than sun tanning. In most cases, someone can get the fastest results with spray tan solutions, since desired results can be achieved with as little as one application. On the other hand, taking tanning pills are definitely the most convenient way of getting a good tan, since no extra time out of a day must be taken to lay in the sun or tanning bed, nor to apply tanning spray all over the body.
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Tanning injections is a fairly new method of sunless tanning that has quickly gained a lot of popularity recently. The solution that is injected in the skin contains a specific kind of amino acid called peptides, which stimulate the skin to increase its pigmentation as a manner of repairing and also protecting itself. When this solution is injected beneath people’s skin at various doses over time, they are able to achieve the degree of tanned skin they want without exposure to UV rays. In fact, because skin injections encourage the body’s natural pigmentation process, it could potentially the skin become more resistant to harm side effects from the sun’s rays.
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Whether it is a tanning bed, spray tan, or tanning injections, you should always look into various methods before settling on one. After all, more important the getting the results you want, you should make sure that whatever sunless tanning method you choose will not cause you any kind of harm or illness.